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Discover the taste of innovation; Three wines, unique in grape, vintage or vinification.

Sapphire II, our premium 2020 Rosé, fruity, light, with a slight fizz balanced together to create complexity while keeping the freshness. It reflects the minimal skin contact during the production, our Swiss interpretation of the Côtes de Provence method.

Heliodor II white wine, Greek meaning of “a gift of the sun”, boasts exciting exclusivity through an exceptional choice of grape; Pinot Gris 2019, a remarkable rarity in Lavaux.

Last but not least, our red wine Blood Diamond II is inspired by Overture from Mondavi. It combines the daring mix of three grapes from two consecutive vintages to create a one-of-a-kind Grand Cru. Bold? Indeed.

For more information on each wine, please check their individual entries. This set can be ordered in 3, 6, 9 or 12 bottles with the 3 wines equally divided.

Grapes grown from some of the most prestigious lands in the surrounding region of Vaud and sorted optically. Planted by hand. Harvested by hand. Bottled by hand.


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