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Established in a
World of Heritage

Our Roots

Founded in 2020

Following our core vision of «breaking the norms», we seek to expand the true potential of Swiss wines and offer wine enthusiasts a new perspective on this traditional market. Characterized by its edges and corners, once laid down horizontally, the unique bottle design reveals the silhouette of the Lavaux wine fields.

Vikarus Bottle Sketch


Each of our wines has individual elements that add complexity and depth, playing with the vintage, grape or vinification. Equipped with award-winning oenologists, only the finest grapes get selected and put inside the bottle. Unbound to one specific winery, VIKARUS creates wines based on taste, instead of what the harvest just brings.


Now considered a site of universal value, Lavaux has been elevated to the status of world heritage by UNESCO. VIKARUS is built on a product of outstanding quality and distinctive character, founded upon a set of guiding principles. From place to process, people and passion, VIKARUS embodies a unique spirit.


Our Roots

Social and Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to doing the right thing actively informs every decision we make, not only in relation to what is right for the legacy of our precious unique wine collections but also what is right in relation to our local and global social and environmental legacy. Learn about our social and environmental commitments.

Our Roots
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